You have made the exciting decision that now is the time to get a website created. Whether it is a refresh or a new design we can help.


In fact, we are just as excited about your business as you are, and we cannot wait to talk to you about it. Below we explain the stages of how we will build your website for you, detailing our website process.

Step 1 - Pick your website package

The first step is to look at our website packages and pick one that suits your requirements. 

Then contact us either by phone, email or via our online form. 

Simply let us know what website package you are interested in, briefly tell us who you are, what you offer and what you are looking for from your website. From this information, we can give you a rough idea of costing. 

Our websites are created using Wix software, which offers an incredible suite of functionality suited for any website design. However, should we feel that a different provider would be more effective for your needs, this software will be sourced accordingly. We do not have any preferences in providers and simply pick the best software to create the most professional website. 

Once you are happy to proceed, we move on to the discovery stage. 

Step 3 - Content Creation Stage

Before the design stage of your website can be completed, we need to have a clear idea of your content. This can determine a customer’s journey around your website, and the number of words can affect the design and what type of layout can be used on each web page. 

In terms of copy, there a few options available:


You provide the content:


You provide the content and we have no input into the content creation process. 
We offer a proofreading service, which we highly recommend you use.

If this content option is suitable for you, then all you need to pay for at this stage is the cost of the proofreading service. 

You provide the content, however we help with:


We will go through making suggestions based on your keyword search criteria to help with your Google search ranking. We will look at your competitors to see if you have missed anything that might be useful to include.
We will make suggestions on how to improve your content which can help with Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), overall enriching your content.

This is a collaborative approach where we can bounce ideas back and forth until we come up amazing content. If this option is best for you, you will need to pay 25% of your final invoice upfront. 

We create the content:


We write all the content for you, which fits the objectives and goal outlined in the discovery stage.
We ensure your text is enrich and ready for search engine optimisation and google ranking.

This is a collaborative approach and we will revise the content until you are happy with the it. 
If this option is best for you, you will need to pay 30% of your final invoice upfront. 


Step 4 - Website creation and design (Part 1)

Once we have the content, the design process can begin.

We have split this into two parts, the reason being a website is a large task and we will need to make sure we get your approval as we go. 

Within the first creation part we will:

Decide the colour palette and visual style
Design a logo, if you need one
Layout the website navigation
Complete the desktop home page
Complete the mobile friendly version of the home page
One product page 
Map out the web pages and customer journey ensuring your website is user friendly

Once you are happy with this stage, a further 25% of your final invoice is required to continue.  

Step 2 - Discovery Stage

At this stage, as we would already have the basic information, we would need to have a more in-depth conversation either by phone or a socially distanced meeting. This is the time you provide more details about your company’s offerings – your products and services. 

You tell us about your customers and your target audience and the customers that you would like us to target.

Your tell us your strengths and what you feel are your opportunities in the market. You should also have an idea of who you are competing against. Don’t worry if you are not sure about who your competitors are, we can also help with this.

As all this information is important for your website development, we make notes. However, normally the call is recorded so that nothing is missed, and it can be replayed during the creation process. 

Step 6 - Test your website to make sure it works

Once we have finished the website build, we then want to make sure the launch goes smoothly.


Therefore, we need to test everything first. Here are a few things we will look at:

Check your website design on all devices and in all browsers
Web hosting – we will have guardianship of your custom domain; if you need a new domain, we will purchase this for you yearly.
Test website links and navigation to confirm they work.
Double check content for spelling, grammar and clarity.
Check images for size and alt-text tags.
Confirm the page formatting is universal, e.g. font sizes and colours.
Fill out all forms and complete the lead generation process to make sure prospective customers receive the information they have requested.
Final payment – Once we receive your final payment, we will launch your website.

Step 5 - Website creation and design (Part 2)

The design is the front end of the website. However, so much happens behind the scenes for a website at the back end.

Your customers never pay attention when your site works, yet you never hear the end of it when your site breaks.

The last part of the website design will be when we: 

Add all the images
Complete all other product web pages 
Create the About us section 
Create the contact form 
Optimise your website for search traffic, adding all links