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About Us

About Us


We like to be challenged, inspired, and are always adding value in everything we do. 

We feel the true essence of a business, is not just the novelty of innovation, nor its technology, or its cleverness, although these aspects are incredibly important; to us it is whether or not our business can add or create significant value for our customers.  

At EllGeo Marketing we will endlessly strive to be at the forefront of implementing the best technology and software for our clients. We offer complete impartiality when it comes to choosing technology and will only use the products that we feel will add the most value. Our techniques are professionally researched and thoroughly tested within the Marketing Industry to obtain the best results.


Our founder has over 15 years experience within the Marketing Industry and a Marketing Degree within Marketing and Advertising Management. With this know how and education we have been able to create specially designed and formulated programmes and processes to get the best results for our clients. 

Our Work

We pay close attention to the little things, so each and every tiny piece of the puzzle can fit together to become something truly amazing. We care about seeing every business grow and succeed in achieving their goals.  Your business is special to you, special to your clients and special to us. Your clients value you, and so do we. We like to build positive working relationships that can help and support you in your business as you grow. 

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Our work

Our Services

We deliver a full range of cutting edge multi-channel marketing services, including:

Website Design & Development

Social Media Solutions

SEO Services

Email Marketing

Our services are designed to reach your target audience, drive engagement and enable growth. 

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