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Marketing CLinics

a comprehensive review of your existing marketing strategies

Marketing can be a very complex and ever-changing world, and most business are not 100% on what help they need. That is why here at EllGeo Marketing, we offer a unique 1-2-1 service to any business that feels that their marketing could be more effective. 

This comprehensive service has been designed to help you identify core areas of improvement and covers everything from a strategic review and help with marketing ideas to aligning current marketing functions so that they can be more effective. 

We will take the time to understand your needs and this insightful will help to objectively access the current state of the business across multiple levels. This services provides suggestions, strategies and outline plans in the form of a roadmap designed to help you move the business forward in a fast and sustainable fashion. 

For a business owners, MDs or CEPs, this is a hight value worthwhile exercise. 

Outcome = A marketing roadmap detailing areas to focus on and improve.

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