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Man with a Laptop Looking Happy. Bespoke Websites by EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford. UK.

Stunning websites, designed with SEO in mind and fully responsive. We offer an effective and affordable way to get your website built!

Expertly Made Websites

Responsive Designs

A good website reflects positively on your business and is key to a successful digital marketing strategy. An expertly made website should effectively convert visitors, increase sales and build lasting relationships with your customers. 

We create personalised websites that are optimised for all devices. We ensure that all of our designs are mobile friendly, that they render properly and will look great on tablets or any other device your customers are using.


It is important to us that your customers make the most out of every interaction they have with you, that you increase your sales and build lasting relationships. After all, it is vital to your success that your website design is presented professionally and that it fits the aesthetic of your brand.

Responsive Designs

Start your Successful website journey Today

We are determined to make businesses successful, the only question is, will it be your business?  If you think it is very costly to employ a website design agency, you may be surprised. 

We can advise you on the most cost-effective solution that best suits your requirements. 

Whatever your budget is and whatever website you need, be sure to contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Not ready to make a start? Why Choose Us!

As well as Website Design, good quality content will make it easier for users to understand and relate with your new website.

Here’s the catch! Great content isn’t enough. You need to add in keywords, but how many? Add too many keywords to your text and its stops it from sounding authentic, and can negatively affect your ranking, Don’t add in enough and no one will find you.

We can help you to create impactful content and weave in your keywords, still making your content amazing and in line with your company’s content strategy. We conduct rigorous Keyword Research to identify and find phrases and keywords, which are used by your target audience to search for specific services or products.


Tried and tested techniques and the very best SEO software are used. We spend a considerable amount of time on this stage in order to add extra value to your website's overall SEO Ranking. Please see our Special SEO Programme for more information on our approach to Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Technical SEO

With our Special SEO Programme we look to optimize your website for its crawlability and work hard to index and configure in a way that search engines will like.  We cover everything from meta tags, link building, keywords, and more.

Technical SEO
User Experience

Our goal is to create exceptional user experiences on your new website. It is important that your customers can easily find what they are looking for.


Therefore, navigation is key. The layout you use needs to be simple and reasonably organized. Not only will this help your customers locate what they are interested in quicker, it will support your SEO efforts.  

Search engines like to categorise your services, and what better way of helping them to do this than by providing a clear navigation to products and services you offer. Ultimately helping you to climb up that ranking ladder.

Once we have built your website, going forward it is important to understand how people navigate your site and to look for places to increase conversions. We can show you how each page of your site is performing - you will be able to see the most popular pages and which pages have the highest bounce rate. Ultimately, learn everything you need to about your customer’s journey. 

User Experience

Gain valuable insights about your new website's performance and make smart business decisions with our Analytics Reports. Every website we build will have access to these reports. 

Your pre-built reports will display your website’s Traffic, Behaviour, and People Related reports depending on how you store your client data, such as members. 

Receive your reports monthly through your service plan with us, or you can access the information yourself. Either way you will have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Traffic by first page viewed. By EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford, UK.
Trackable Results - New Websites
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We partner with many website providers, such as WordPress, WIX and Shopify among others. This allows us to offer you the best website technology and designs at an affordable price. We offer impartial advice so you can be confident that you'll have the best website platform for your business now and as it grows. 

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