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Don't lose sales and what makes your website special now. As your business grows so should your website. Let us enhance your offerings and improve sales. 

There is no better or more cost-effective way to advertise your business and continually drive business growth than through your website.

Most business owners spend a large amount of time and effort in designing the perfect website to promote their business. When people visit your website, it is vital that it looks professional and contains the information that your customers want to see.  

But once it grows, what worked when you started might not reflect the business today. Your website needs to constantly evolve and grow to match the expectations and requirements of customers.

With our experienced Designers we build excellent websites that get results and improve your SEO ranking.

Expertly Made Websites

We make stunning, Mobile Responsive websites, weaving in Keywords and Technical SEO throughout. During a website build and migration it's easy to just focus on the aesthetics of your website, however, it's just as important to understand the elements that have worked well in the past.

Over time you will have built in keywords - some working well and others not so much. You will have also built in numerous backlinks and other elements. We would ensure we run a full website adult to find out what is working well and what is not, we then build this into your new website .  

We help you to scale up your website, incorporate the right technology and techniques to make it look great and function how you need it to. We also have access to new applications to support social media or any other features so we can leave your competitors behind. 

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Dont Loose Sales

Start your journey & Upgrade your website Today

We are determined to make businesses successful, the only question is, will it be your business? 

Its never been easier to start your website growth journey, gain a higher search engine ranking and ultimately get more sales.

Contact us today for a free quote, no strings attached and unbeatable value.

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Responsive Designs
User Experience and Sales
Search Engine  Optimisation & Keywords

Responsive Designs

IPad, IPhone, IWatch, Checking Design Layouts.By EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford, UK.

Does your website look outdated and boring?

A website is arguably the single most important marketing tool available to you. It is a window into your business and can showcase what you do and how you differ from your competitors. Considerable time is spent assessing your site and completing a competitor SEO analysis.

Businesses change and grow over time and so does the technology for websites. Great businesses adapt to the market and so should your website.

We work with you to create a stunning website. We make it reflect where you are now and ensure it can grow as you do. 

Does it look good on mobile as well as ON desktop? 

We create personalised websites that are optimised for all devices. We ensure that all of our designs are mobile friendly, that they render properly, and will look great on tablets or any other device your customers are using. It is important to us that your customers make the most out of every interaction they have with you,

User Experience and sales

Looking at creating different website integrations. By EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford, UK.

Are you still getting conversions and leads? 

Increase traffic to your website by letting us run a full audit and use Social Media and other technology. We have a huge number of apps which can assist you in growing your business and increasing website traffic.

Do you have a high bounce rate?

We add the right technology in order to track your website page success and to see how effective each page is. We also know how much time is spent on each page and where someone is clicking. We apply the right techniques and our special industry know-how.

Is the buying process easy and effective? 

Need to upgrade your online store? Is your technology out of date?  Is the buying process letting you down? We can help you showcase your products and to create a streamlined way for customers to complete orders.

Interested in point of sale purchases running through your website? No problem.

Search Engine 

Optimisation &


Search Engine 
Optimisation &

Man looking at keywords on the floor. Great keyword research by EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford, UK

Can customers find you on search engines? 

Do you Need help with your search engine optimisation? 

Having a stunning website is important, but if no one can find you it defeats the object. Our main aim is to help people find your website quicker and to have more intent to buy your products and services. See our Special SEO Programme designed to help customers find you.

We spend a huge amount of time on researching your keywords and use numerous pieces of software in order to help us create effective keywords.


Keywords are important because they are the linchpin between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need.

SEO doesn't stop with just Keywords. It's also about what other SEO techniques are applied, such as coding, content, supporting links and much more. We spend an equal amount of time on all of these techniques as they are just as important as design. 

Gain valuable insights about your existing website before we undertake your website migration. Find out your top performing webpages, links, backlinks and keywords and make smart business decisions with your new website. 

Every website we build will have access to key analytical information. These pre-built reports will display your website’s Traffic, Behaviour, and People Related reports depending on how you store your client data such as members. 

Receive your reports monthly through your service plan with us, or you can access the information yourself. Either way you will have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Traffic over time. By EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford, UK
Athletic WebDesign. By EllGeo Marketing Agency, Oxford, UK

We like to build a positive working relationship that can help and support you in your business as you grow. 

Once the build is complete, we don’t simply say ’goodbye’. Upon completion, we offer full training on your website so you can manage it yourself, if that’s what you’d like, or you can come to us for help any time you might need it.  We feel a collaborative approach usually works best and we offer service plans should that be of interest.

Other marketing activities are also available once your website is built, such as social media advertising like Facebook campaigns, as well as other social media plans. This will help promote your products regularly, so that you can spend your time managing your shop. We think your potential to sell should be limitless.

At EllGeo Marketing In Abingdon, Oxford we are Certified WIX Partners and create stunning websites for businesses.
At EllGeo Marketing In Abingdon, Oxford we are Certified WordPress Partners and create stunning websites for businesses.
At EllGeo Marketing In Abingdon, Oxford we are Certified Shopify Partners and create stunning websites for businesses.

We partner with many website providers, such as WordPress, WIX and Shopify among others. This allows us to offer you the best website technology and designs at an affordable price. We offer impartial advice so you can be confident that you'll have the best website platform for your business now and as it grows. 

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