Working Together

We will provide you with a detailed SEO Audit and Strategy.


This will clearly state what you need to do to improve your website ranking over time with easy to follow steps and advice. No monthly subscription. See what's included.

This service is ideal for anyone who has an existing website and is unsure of why the website is not showing up on any search engines. 

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We conduct a thorough site check-up on your website to review its strengths and weaknesses.


This is where we investigate your technical Search Engine Optimisation and other ranking factors such as website speed, coding and meta tags. 

We also provide advice on less obvious factors, such as:

  • Poor mobile version holding you back?

  • Poor Social Signals or lack of content

  • Lack of site map

In addition to this we will look at your website's general health and technical issues such as links and backlinks. Our Audits will allow you to gain that much needed insight to start your SEO Journey. 


You may like to use this service in conjunction with the SEO Keyword Research or you may wish to consider the optimise my website service where we conduct all of the above but fix your technical issues among other elements.

Quite simply we get to work straight away. During the buying process we obtain your website and email address. This is all we need to complete your SEO Audit and Strategy. 

Our SEO Audit and Strategy normally takes 48 - 72 hours to complete, however, this greatly depends on the size of your website and its complexity - if it's going to take a bit longer we will let you know.


Once we have completed your SEO Audit and Strategy we will send this back to you in a PDF version. We like to think that the language we use is easy to understand and you will be able to follow the guidance and advice. However, we are more than happy to go through your report with you so you can go away and start working on your SEO. 

Our goal is always to ensure that we add value in everything we do!


What if I am unhappy with my report? 


Then let us know and we will try and make sure we are covering the elements you wanted. If you are still unhappy we will of course look to do a full refund. 

I can get a free SEO Audit somewhere else, what makes yours any different? 


Yes, you can get a free SEO Audit somewhere else, however, this will normally detail just the technical issues that you will need to fix. Not all reports will tell you how to fix the issues, but we will. If it's too technical we can help advise further. Also a lot of these free reports are just generated from software and then passed on, with no human interaction. Whilst we do use software, we go through every element and explain each bit for you.

Our report also includes an SEO Strategy, not just the technical aspects in which you need to fix on your website. Our report is customised for you, We will give you advice on other SEO elements that can help your overall ranking. SEO is not just the techy bits, it includes social, content, presence on online directories among other aspects.