Keywords are how Google decides which searches will lead to your website. Other factors determine your ranking within the results, but keywords are how you are found within that specific list. We use lots of software to ensure the correct keywords are selected; this ranges from SEMRush to Keywords Everywhere, Google Keyword Planner and many more. These keywords are then cross-referenced, and a detailed keyword analysis is completed before the findings are presented to you.


Keywords need to be professionally researched and effective.

It is also important to pay attention to keyword placement and density.


Competitor SEO Analysis & Keyword Research

We conduct rigorous market research to identify phrases and keywords used by your target audience to search for specific services or products.


We also look at the keywords used by top-performing competitors. We will apply keywords that you feel represent your company.


Keyword Placement & Density

We strategically map keywords within your content and assign them to webpages to create the right keyword density for your company.

We can help you create impactful content and incorporate your keywords, so the quality of your content remains high while aligning with your company’s content strategy. 

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Regular & Original Content

Original content can support your SEO.

We can help you identify any websites which duplicate your content so that you can optimise your own. SEO loves fresh content, so we recommend that you refresh your website content regularly and consider using a Blog or Social Media, which we can help with.