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Our Work!

Project Brief: Weekly Digital Marketing Support 

Tasks Include: SEO Audit, SEO Optmisation, Keyword Analysis and Strategy, Wordpress Development, Google Merchant, Google Ads, OpenCart

Overview: We were entrusted with elevating Keynes Controls' online presence. Our journey began with a comprehensive SEO audit to identify enhancement opportunities. Subsequently, we optimized their Wordpress website for increased search visibility, resulting in enhanced keyword rankings on Google, amplifying website traffic and sales. Moreover, we broadened their outreach through Google Merchant and leveraged Google Ads. Our continuous collaboration revolves around honing digital marketing strategies, primarily focusing on Google Ads, Google Merchant and optimizing keywords on their pages.

"Victoria has been an invaluable member of our team at Keynes Controls and has diligently enhanced our SEO strategy, website pages and Google profile. Through a thorough SEO audit, Victoria identified areas for improvement on our website. She then optimized our pages and significantly improved our keyword rankings, resulting in increased traffic and sales. READ MORE>>

Keynes Controls (1)_edited.jpg

Overview:  We collaborated with Rat Race Rally to create a visually stunning website. This included captivating visuals, videos, and building customised page templates within Shopify. We utilized videos and bespoke product pages to make the events stand out. We also incorporated two business apps. The first app was used to link the Instagram account and display stories within the store.


The second app was used to add additional custom fields that customers could fill in when purchasing the event. For example, they could specify the number of drivers and their favourite songs to be added to the playlist for the driving experience. We also integrated customer payment details, allowing for full or partial payments. The cart and emails were personalised using the client's branding. Overall, the store turned out to be stunning!


Project Brief: Bespoke Shopify Store

"Great service. Will defiantly use again!"

Overview:  We helped Parcel Shelf to build a brand new bespoke Shopify store and design a new logo. During the project, we collaborated closely with Parcel Shelf to create a captivating logo that perfectly matched their brand identity. Additionally, we developed a seamless Shopify store that features a unique and comprehensive mega menu, catering to various makes and models.

Starting from conceptual design, we crafted a custom-built store that not only ranks number one on Google but also incorporates SEO optimization for all products.  With our industry know how and years of experience we can deliver exceptional store development and branding services, enabling you to achieve outstanding results like Parcel Shelf.


Mobile Version Of A Custom Shopify Store Created By EllGeo Marketing, Abingdon, Oxford.

Project Brief: Bespoke Shopify Store, Logo Design and product SEO Optmisation.

"Thanks for all your help, really happy with the website and the support provided."

Overview:  We were contracted by Second Hand Mobiles to develop a new, customized Shopify store. Throughout the project, we worked closely with Second Hand Mobiles to create a seamless Shopify store that showcases a distinctive and comprehensive mega menu, catering to a wide range of makes and models.

From initial conceptualization to final implementation, we meticulously crafted a tailor-made store that not only boasts an appealing visual design but also incorporates SEO optimization for all products. Leveraging our industry expertise and extensive experience, we are adept at delivering exceptional store development and branding services, empowering you to achieve remarkable outcomes similar to those of Second Hand Mobiles.

Mobile Version Of A Custom Shopify Store Created By EllGeo Marketing, Abingdon, Oxford.

Project Brief: Bespoke Shopify Store and product SEO Optmisation.

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with Victoria. The initial project started off with concept ideas and some comms on what we needed and how it could be delivered. Updates were always communicated well and in an easy to understand manor. The final result is fantastic and exactly to brief. Highly recommended designer."

Overview:  Limelight Living initially started as an Etsy online seller. This experience served as inspiration to establish a dedicated online store that aligns with the brand's ethos. The founder has a genuine passion for upcycling and delivering environmentally friendly products that are crafted with care and dedication. Extensive discussions were held to highlight the products and effectively present them in accordance with the brand's vision.


After thoroughly understanding the company's objectives, a custom design was crafted, featuring captivating photographs of the products, a distinctive menu, and convenient links to Google Shopping and various social media channels for seamless product promotion. This store offers a unique browsing experience, showcasing captivating product images directly in the menu. Additionally, users can explore featured images for inspiration and easily select the highlighted products - giving them the perfect look.

Project Pictures (2).png

Project Brief: Bespoke Shopify Store

"Best marketing agency I have ever worked with. Fair prices, good knowledge and constantly willing to improve service. Great delivery and great level of communication."

"Thanks, all your help in getting our social media journey started :) Very creative and extremely helpful"

"Really enjoyed EllGeo’s flexibility in our working relationship, and the attention and patience. Victoria had given to our project and new initiative. Thanks so much!"

"Great seller, informative and detailed responses. I would highly recommend!"

"Victoria has been super helpful. I had no clue where to start when it comes to sorting out my website's SEO and Victoria really managed to clear it all up for me - Thank you!"

"EllGeo Marketing created a bespoke website for me. They helped me with my content and, most importantly, to showcase my work with a great website design and an online gallery of my work. Great website and a great service. I am really pleased!" 

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