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Getting Started

You have made the exciting decision that now is the time to get help with your social media strategy. 

In fact, we are just as excited about your business as you are, and we cannot wait to talk to you about it. Below we explain the stages of how we will provide social media management and content marketing services for you.

Sign up

Signing up is easy.  Simply click sign up below on the social media plan you'd like! 

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On boarding process

Tell us more about your business.  We will send you a link to our onboarding form so you can tell us more about what you do and what you'd like to achieve. Once we have this back we spend the next 4-7 days researching your business to ensure we are creating relevant and effective content for you.

Seamless process

Once you have submitted your onboarding form, a unique link will be sent to you asking you to connect your accounts securely through our client portal. 

From here you can review your posts and if you require any changes you can provide feedback on each post.

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You can then sit back, relieved that you'll have no more social media headaches and focus on growing your business. 

Month to month payment. No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.

Social Media Plans